Shoot Hoops Not Guns!

East Harlem has been on the front page for it’s violent and criminal history for years. Only recognition we’ve ever received was for the Puerto Rican Day festival and when politicians want votes. We’re here to change the stigma that follows us everywhere, but first change the playing field for our youth. “Shoot Hoops Not Guns” is a one day tournament held in Cherry Tree Park of Spanish Harlem (George Washington Projects). The idea was birthed by a child hood friend named Dennis Duprey who was tired of glorifying RIP shirts in our area. With some artistic and promotional help from the Alvarez Brothers (Andy & Matt) the idea was brought to life. As veterans of this park we started to notice that the younger generation was being mislead on what to do with their “free” time. A bunch of thirty year olds with families and job obligations couldn’t possibly find more time than a 19 year old to play basketball. If they follow our lead when it comes to music and fashion we can redirect they’ll be forced to like our positive movement.
Shoot Hoops Not Guns will host its 4th annual tournament this August 2017. I am proud to be part of this ‘hood’ and movement. We look to expand into other neighborhood who have been plagued and misled by poverty and stereotypes.


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