Control Freak

The most attractive thing I can see in a gym setting is a pull up, a perfect pull up. Ever see the guy at the gym on the Lat Pull Down cranking 250lbs but can’t pull his own weight up? How ironic is that? Gravity has no mercy! Pull ups are one of the most functional exercises if done properly. Swinging for momentum or ‘kipping’ as most cross fitter refer to it as is NOT ideal. Below are a few cues to keep in mind while accomplishing your pull ups!
– Prior to lift off keep your heels attached, this form activates Gluteus which in turn activates the abdominal area. Keeping the core tight prevent any hyperextension in the lumbar region (lower back).

– Heel attached, buttocks tightened and core is stable! Like my mommy always told me… Keep your chin up in tough situations. This is one of those situations. Keeping your chin tall strengthen the core in the lengthened form.

– Heels, buttocks, core and chin! Create maximum distance between your ears and shoulders. This relieves the trapezius of any tension, since they aren’t suppose to exert force in this exercise.

– When all these cues are in tact—pull with all your might. At the top of that pull up you hold for a split second and control on your way back down. Perform three sets of twelve reps for maximum fatigue. Enjoy!


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