79 Years Young, Are You Feeling Old Yet?

Dr. Leonard Rubin started training with me four years ago and his fitness priority was acquiring bigger arms and shoulders. During our assessment I noticed Len’s balance was well off. Upon further review Len has an inoperable big toe on his right foot. Although his fitness wants would never leave our designed program, I couldn’t allow my self to get caught up in his request. His request had no other function but aesthetics and that worried me. Len and I started from the ground up. We increased the range of motion in his ankles and actively stretched his postures chain. Along with activating the gluteus before each session we also address his tight hip flexors. Intergrated with lower half activation, his core was the most important part as this attached lower to upper half. His core was challenged in every plane of motion in order to enhance his proprioceptors and spacial awareness.

We continue to tackle obstacles and be vain about our goals. This man does 15 pull ups in one set, something he’s never done before in his entire life. He also bench presses 185lbs 12 times, he keeps this up and I’ll be hiring him as my trainer.


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